Education 教育

Literacy Opens Doors

Esther Lin loves the read.

Teaching a child the joy of reading will help her to succeed in school, in life, and help her family to rise.

Professional Training


The world is moving at a fast pace. Here at CUSWF, we are helping women to harness that change and connect, network and train in growth areas.

Professional Development


CUSWF offers round tables and courses in FinTech, FemTech and EdTech.  Career areas that are the wave of the future and will help women to rise.

Learning about Philanthropy


With the growing disparity in the world, those in the position to help their communities and world can learn how to optimize the power of their giving.

Hear about CUSWF's Professional Development

Dr. Rachel Yager discusses how CUSWF helps women thrive through education. Understanding the growing importance of FinTech, FemTech and EdTech and gaining education in one of these fields can lead to a successful future. Check out this inspiring video.