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Taoray Taoray SSS2020  inspired by Yi embroidery Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeld, Lisa Faith Phillips

CUSWF Supports Women Designers from China

Taoray Wang's Spring Summer 2020 Collections at New York Fashion Week

On September 7th, 2019 designer Wang Tao brought her beautiful TAORAY WANG Spring Summer 2020 collection to New York Fashion Week. Executive Director Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt and Chief Digital and Development Officer Lisa Faith Phillips admire the traditional Yi embroidery that inspired the collection.



The Taoray Wang Spring Summer 2020 designs capture feminine beauty and strength in a stunning collection, featuring tailored suits in sheer mint greens, oversized sleeves with jewel embellishments, black lace, and monochromatic prints.

Guests included: Conor Kennedy, Fern Mallis, Derek Warbourton, Indira Cesarine,

Stephanie Hollman, Julie Mintz, Consuelo Costin Vanderbilt, Nika King, and Valerie Steele.

taoray taoray x Yi's Embroidery, Chuxiong x New York

 On September 11th 2019, Wang Tao presented her innovative new contemporary collection taoray taoray for men and women at New York Fashion Week to rave reviews! A unique melding of traditional Yi embroidery and cutting-edge fabrics and design its ideal for the young fashionista.

 Season after season, Taoray Wang strives to break the rules in design, creating an image of exquisite female leadership. 

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The women’s suit is a Tao signature, and she has made it a staple in modern women’s wardrobes. Contrary to tradition of the suit masking femininity, the designer considers it a fashion statement that exudes the charm and power of women. 

Wang Tao Presents New Taoray Taoray

On September 11, 2019, Wang Tao launched her contemporary line Taoray Taoray, mixing traditional Yi embroidery with cutting-edge style and design. Here's the dramatic final runway walk.

Beyond Dior: The Business of Chinese Fashion

Check out this video of the panel on the business of Chinese fashion at the China Institute.

TAORAY WANG Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Show NYC Fashion Week

Founder, CEO and Chief Design Officer Tao Wang brought her innovative Spring/Summer TAORAY WANG collection to New York's Fashion Week.  Watch her latest runway show!

Shanghai Fashion Week 上海时装周


Shanghai Fashion Week With CUSWF

October 2018, Shanghai -- Our Director in Shanghai, Katrina Xu, reports from Shanghai Fashion Week with the latest styles and trends! CUSWF was invited by two famous women's wear brands, LUOOIF STUDIO and LuLualways, with videos from the runways in Xintiandi. Let’s take a look...



Everyone has a dream in their heart. Every woman is eager to become a hero in their own story. This is the soul line that runs through Luooif Studio's whole collection. You can see the naughty but elegant shadows like elves in the valley --full of surprises and joy.



LuLualways fashion line creates a collection with high recognition and personalized products and a seductive fashion lifestyle.  The clothes convey the brand concept of "I live my own life.”  The forerunner of the new retail experience, the brand is sensuous and friendly.LuLualways

Successful Women in Fashion

Tao Wang, CEO of Taoray Wang, Simon Collins, Fashion Culture Design, and Harlan Bratcher,

Beyond Dior: The Business of Chinese Fashion

China Institute, New York -- On September 11, 2018, top fashion designer Tao Wang, CEO of TAORAY WANG, discussed the evolving Chinese fashion market with Simon Collins, founder of Fashion Culture Design and former Dean of Parsons School of Fashion, and Harlan Bratcher, Global Business Development for fashion at  

Tao Wang is a board member of the Shanghai Ribo Fashion Group, which owns the brands TAORAY WANG and broadcast:bo.  She led the expansion to over 900 broadcast:bo stores in China.  

Tao Wang, Founder and Chief Design Officer of Taoray Wang, with CUSWF board member Dr. Rachel Yager

Tao Wang Brings Her Collection to NY Fashion Week

Tao Wang, founder, CEO, and Chief Design Officer at TAORAY WANG, talks with CUSWF board member Dr. Rachel Yager about her career as one of China's leading designers and businesswoman in fashion. 

Tao launched her own line TAORAY WANG at New York Fashion Week in September 2014 to bring her designs to global women who appreciate refined tailoring, sophisticated silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. 


Exquisite Tailoring and Construction

Tao Wang displays the exquisite detail and materials she uses in her fashion line TAORAY WANG.

With a history degree from East China Normal University in Shanghai and a fashion degree from the top Japanese fashion institute, Tokyo Mode Gakuen, she was handpicked by Junko Koshino, the acclaimed Japanese designer, to head the studio as menswear designer. After designing a fashion line in the UK, in 2002, she returned to China to spearhead the transformation of broadcast:bo from a wholesale/distribution business to design-led brand.  

Claudia Li Spring/Summer 2019 at New York Fashion Week

Check out how designer Claudia Li used only Asian models in her Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show.


Designer Claudia Li Features Only Asian Models

For Claudia Li's Spring/Summer 2019, Claudia sparked conversation by using only Asian models, 35 to be exact.  Huffpost reported  “It made me really proud to see an all-Asian runway," Claudia Li said. "I feel excited for the future of Fashion Week because this is an important conversation that needs to happen — not just for New York Fashion Week but for every Fashion Week.”


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