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China-U.S. Women's Foundation supports women in China and U.S. to thrive.

 The China-U.S. Women's Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, which adheres to the UN Women's Sustainability Goals. Focusing on the SAGE initiatives (Social Medicine, Arts, Gender Equality and Education), we support women in China and the US to achieve their potential. 

美中妇女基金会是一家501-C3非营利机构,基金会秉持着联合国可持续发展目标为基础, 通过关爱女性健康,鼓励女性敢于追求美,支持女性创业来帮助中美女性实现更高的自身价值

A Word from our Executive Director

Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt, Executive Director of the China-U.S. Women's Foundation, discusses the foundation's initiatives for 2019 in health, education, diversity and work-life balance.

Meet Our Team 我们的团队

Leslie Wolf-Creutzfeldt, Executive Director and Founding Board Member

Leslie has over 20 years experience working on women's causes and promoting health and wellness.  Most recently she was the Executive Director of the Endometriosis Foundation of America.  She is a senior advisor to the China-US Chamber of Commerce and leads Heinlyn, a marketing firm in China and the US.  Leslie  believes that 800 million women in China and the United States can positively change the world if they engage in a steady and productive conversation.  Her experience working in the healthcare sector has reinforced her belief that women need to advocate for their health and well being, for their sake and the sake of their families.


Mingyi Xu, Senior Advisor and Founding Board Member

Mingyi has more than 18 years of experience working with global companies in the US, China, Europe and South America in a variety of industries including real estate, financial services, technology, media, travel, education and entertainment, and has obtained an unique understanding about how to most effectively work with global companies. Her ability to interact with both Chinese and American women has convince her that a foundation devoted to women can make a tremendous positive difference in the world. 


Lisa Faith Phillips, Chief Development and Digital Officer

Lisa Faith Phillips (Lisa@CUSWF.org) is an innovator and entrepreneur with experience in both the nonprofit and business sectors. Most recently she worked at the Council on Foreign Relations in digital strategy, funding and partnership development, and served as President of Women’s Media Group. Lisa has held executive positions in business development, publishing and digital strategy at Random House, Hachette and Time Warner.

Following her passion for empowering women and education, she has served on the boards of Women’s Media Group, a nonprofit networking and mentoring organization, Women in Publishing and etextbook.com. Lisa speaks at digital and publishing conferences on digital media innovation. A graduate of Wellesley College, Lisa holds a M.Sc. in Economics from the London School of Economics and spent a year at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris.


Susan Yuqing Feng, Senior Advisor and Founding Board Member

Susan Yuqing Feng has been journalist for almost 20 years. Throughout her career, she gained extensive experience both in China and the U.S. Susan joined China Business News in 2004 and start covering and analyzing news on Wall Street, American economy and international business. She covered 2008 financial crisis, the Great Recession and three elections since 2008. Prior to joining China Business News, Yuqing worked at China Central TV as a producer and had been in TV industry for four years. 

Susan interviewed Warren Buffet, Alan Greenspan, President Clinton, former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzeziński, Thomas Friedman and many other world economic and political leaders. She also engaged in female leaders both in Washington and Wall Street. She feels strongly about improving women’s well-being and career opportunity.


Carina Jiang, Fashion Ambassador

Carina Jiang (also known as Jiang Dandan) is a fashion model based in New York City. She started her modeling career in Singapore, where she was featured in the Top 5 of the Ford World Supermodel of the World in 2011. In 2016, she won the first runner up in the Miss Asia beauty pageant. In 2017, she became an instructor and a judge for the Miss Asia Beauty Pageant.


Since the start of her modeling career, Carina has been highly sought after, walking the runway at numerous designers at New York Fashion Week, as well as at the prestigious Guangzhou Fashion Week in China. Currently, she is an instructor of professional modeling training and has helped many students to win awards in different competitions around the world.

Carina has an MBA degree from the U.S. and a fashion design certification from Parsons School of Design. She currently lives in New York City. 


Rollin W. King, Senior Advisor


Rollin W. King is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is a Partner at ATX Seed Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund based in Austin, Texas, which specializes in supporting promising young technology companies that solve problems. His family founded Southwest Airlines, one of the largest airline carriers in the United States.

Rollin's interest in China began following university in the United States. His first trip to China was in 1989, and he has observed first hand the incredible transformation and modernization of the country. His mother, Marcia Gygli King, was a prominent painter and advocate for women's rights. For this reason, Rollin is uniquely qualified to advise the China-US Women's Foundation on expanding its reach to a large audience in order to have a positive impact for women.


Rachel Yager, Ph.D., CUSWF Education Director; Founder and CEO of Fortune Times Group


Dr. Rachel Yager is the founder of FortuneTimes Group (FTG), a New York management consulting firm that accelerates international business growth – in a variety of organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies – with focus on technologies and global best practice. 

Dr. Yager is elected as board of director on several non-profit organizations. She serves on the Board of Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business as its Northeastern Regional Representative in the United States of America. As the CEO/Director of Friends of NTU (Nanyang Technological University of Singapore), she manages the fundraising charity for her alma mater. As the faculty trustee of Metropolitan College of New York, she is the sounding board for faculty and student life matters.  Dr. Yager also serves on the program committee of the IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering and Economics. In addition, she leads the World Wide Web consortium (W3C) advisory committee in early technology adoption for the financial services industry. She is knowledgeable in external partnerships and international collaborative efforts, including European Commission research consortium, emerging markets and Asia economic growth projects. 


Katrina Huan Xu, Social Media Coordinator

Huan Xu is a graduate of Columbia University earning an MPA in international finance and economic policy. She is a co-founder of an environmental protection technology company in China, and her working experience for Chinese local government makes her well poised to oversee that women are more powerful than they know. When women help each other, incredible things happen. 


Anton Creutzfeldt, IT Assistant


Anton Creutzfeldt, an undergraduate at Purchase College majoring in biology, has worked for women’s causes mainly in social media. He believes that helping women benefits everyone and that by encouraging conversations we can increase understanding and world peace. He hopes to enlist other men to get involved in this effort.

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