Two Things That You Need to Know about Chronic Pelvic Pain

Dr. Melinda Wolf and CUSWF Executive Director Leslie Creutzfeldt discuss causes, symptoms, and steps that should be taken to get treatment for chronic pelvic pain. Check out this informative video.


美国医生梅琳达·沃芙和美中妇女基金会执行常务董事莱斯利· 沃芙· 克罗伊茨费尔特在一起讨论关于引起盆腔疼痛的病因,症状和应该使用的方法和步骤来帮助疾病能得到治疗。请看这个视频。

Chronic Pelvic Pain Questions and Answers


1. What is Chronic Pelvic Pain?

Chronic pelvic pain is a condition that affects millions of women around the world. It is often a challenge to discover what is the underlying cause. It is pain that can come and go and it doesn’t have to be constant and can last for at least 6 months. But it is lower abdominal pain that often mimics irritable bowel issues and affects the bladder. It can affect a woman’s overall sense of well-being. 


1, 什么是慢性骨盆腔疼痛?


2. Is it connected to a woman’s period?

It is separate from the cyclical pain that comes from the premenstrual syndrome changes that women have, but these conditions can be related to the lining of the uterine tissue, which can be a cause of pain. 




3. What should you do if the pain does not subside?

1. Women should be their own best advocate to look online at the different conditions, such as endometriosis, abnormal uterine tissue in the pelvis, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids, which are common conditions that can cause pelvic pain.

2. Educate yourself and write your symptoms down.

3. Go to see a doctor.



1), 女人应该是自己最好的爱护者,使用网络资料,查看不同的可能的症状和病因。(比如:子宫内膜异位,是指脱落的子宫内膜碎片种植到盆腔脏器的表层所形成; 间质性膀胱炎;卵巢囊肿和纤维化等相关症状)

2), 学习相关知识,并写下自己身上的症状

3), 找医生。 

4. How do you communicate with your doctor?

Doctors will ask general as well as additional specific questions. Some of these may not be related to the direct diagnosis of the pain. Additional blood work, ultrasound, CT Scan, and other tests may be needed. Sometimes it can be challenging to find out what the problem is that is causing the pain.

4, 你要怎样和医生谈论你的病症呢?

一旦你告诉了你的医生有关你的症状,他/她可能还会问一些额外的一般的健康问题,当然常常这些问题不一定能直接给出对你的疼痛病情的诊断。然后医生会让你做抽血检查,B超,有时候可能CT 扫描你的盆腔,或者其他身体检查。但是就像之前说的,诊断出真正的病因是不容易的。

5. Summary

1. Listen to your body and write down your symptoms. 

2. Advocate for yourself.

3. Every woman has the right to feel healthy!






Dr. Melinda Wolf

Dr. Melinda Wolf