Gender Equality 两性平等

Symposium on Gender in Media

Nicole Small, Lyda Hill, Lyda Hill Foundation,Geena Davis, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Nicole Small and Lyda Hill, Lyda Hill Foundation and Geena Davis, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, discuss the importance  of positive media representations of women in STEM careers.

Inspiring #PortrayHer Findings

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and the Lyda Hill Foundation Gloabl Symposium

CUSWF supports key learnings of PortrayHer: Representations of Women STEM Characters in Media: positive role models drive success.

Geena Davis Discusses her Vision

Geena Davis at #portrayher Global Symposium Google

Academy Award winner and tireless advocate of gender equality, Geena Davis believes "If she can see it, she can be it!"

How Girls Are Discouraged to Succeed


From being told "It's for boys" to these careers make life balance difficult, girls drop out of STEM careers

China Institute's Dinda Elliott, Leta Hong Fincher, Betraying Big Brother, Lu Pin, Feminist Voices

Girl Power! Awakening in China

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On September 25, 2018, CUSWF joined the discussion at the China Institute with Leta Hong Fincher, journalist and author of Betraying Big Brother, and Lu Pin, founding editor of Feminist Voices, a Beijing NGO that promotes gender equality. Moderated by Dinda Elliott, the panel discussed the changing perception of gender equality issues in China. 

With the internet and social media giving women a greater ability to communicate their concerns about the inequality of career and education opportunities, their stories began to go viral, and a movement was born.

Leta explained that for safety advocates for women's rights often couched their protests as performance art, such as when performance artists gathered outside a government building wearing large underpants with an X to protest gynecological exams that women applying for government jobs had to undergo. 

The detention of the "Feminist Five" in 2015 announced a government crackdown. But as the #metoo movement swept the world, students in China began to share stories of sexual harassment by professors and the Chinese #metoo movement called "ricebunny" blossomed in China.

Lu Pin emphasized that addressing women's concerns for greater equality in opportunity and working conditions is essential for a thriving society, and she optimistic that the gender equality movement will not be stopped. 

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Through interviews with the Feminist Five and other leading Chinese activists, Leta Hong Fincher illuminates the difficulties they face. Tracing the rise of a new feminist consciousness now finding expression through the #MeToo movement, and describing the history of its gender-equality struggles, Betraying Big Brother is a story of how the movement could reconfigure China and the world.